Workshops #3 and #4: Online

On Wednesday the 10th of October I uploaded my video to both YouTube and Vimeo. YouTube is easier to promote, as the video is just embedded into sites like facebook. Vimeo has a… Continue reading

Workshop Two: Making the video

“The word ‘amateur’ isn’t used very much any more. Nowadays everyone is a filmmaker” (Figgis 3). I didn’t use my pitch sheet or storyboard nearly as much as I hoped. The filming process… Continue reading

the actual video

Here is the video I made. It’s called This Girl’s Life. The title is a reference to a Leonardo Dicaprio movie also starring Robert De Niro. Watch it here

Workshop Pitch Sheet & Storyboard

Storyboard: This is what the image will mostly be. I have included a written storyboard to describe the ‘action’ as it does not correlate to the image.


Project 1

Working on the first project I realised some of the potential benefits and limitations of the workshops and how they may alter my video, and the methods of DIY movie making. Firstly, writing… Continue reading

concept idea continued

I’ve been thinking about what was touched on in class today. Particularly the idea of the new ‘YouTube aesthetic’ and how if it is on the internet it doesn’t have to (and perhaps… Continue reading

workshop ideas

I have a general idea of what I want to do with my workshop projects. I know for sure that I will be writing a film proposal, making the film, uploading it to… Continue reading

Local productions get exhibition chance

Local productions get exhibition chance

StudioCanal buys out Hoyts and has plans to promote local features.

Peter Greenaway: Cinema is dead?

Peter Greenaway: Cinema is dead?

Peter Greenaway has a philosophical discussion on a Russian television channel. Somewhere around the nine-minute mark is the most relevant to cinema/media I think, though.